observation, 2021

For over half a year now I am working from home, from this chair.

This chair is not an office chair.
This is hard, chunky, heavy and super old.
This is not ergonomical sitting.
This is uncomfortable.
This is forcing me to sit upright.
This is making me stop sitting down on this.
This makes me stand up and this makes me move.

This is probably a healthier chair than any other.


quick-fix, 2015

From the archive.
This (questionable) wall-mounted bottle opener gets used a lot. Why else would it be wall-mounted?

But, the bin placed underneath did not catch all bottle caps falling down from the opener. Wether it was the placement of the bin, the opener or some drunk incompence, adding the spoon did the trick.

It deflects and directs the bottle cap just right that it never misses the dunk.

(credits to MW ;-)


lost and found, observation, 2020

On a walk through winterly Munich. Every second corner or doorstep people put out their old stuff, free to take. Or as they label it “a gift”.
Is it really a gift, or just another way of getting rid of something? Is it there a good intention behind it or are people complacent and lazy? Because it’s not broken enough to be waste yet not useful enough to be used?


observation, 2020

When people park their cars and turn the steering wheel standing still, the front tires draw these circles onto the asphalt. The weight of the car and the sheer pressure grinds the little gravel to dust, leaving these marks all over the road.


lost and found, internet, 2020

source: the internet