Royal College of Art, 2019

Inspiration was taken from the romanticising idea of the bonfire from times long before media, where people gathered around and told their tales. Considering the fire as a light emitting source, a wireless LED-lantern is used as the medium to house the technology that blocks out cellular reception from phones. This technology is referred to as a ‘jammer’ which can, depending on its size, interfere any radio-signal in a certain radius around it.

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portable conversation maker

The jammer is activated upon turning on the lantern and cannot be switched off separately. Therefore it is impossible for the user(s) to avoid the signal-free bubble around the lantern without leaving this space physically. Conversations will be encouraged and distractions from mobile devices averted.

The lantern is designed to be fully portable. The batteries are charged via a USB-C port and the LED light aims to be at daylight quality with a high colour rendering index (CRI). The LEDs are dimmable with a switch at the handle, where also a notch is included to hang the lantern e.g. on a rope.
The hard-edged tray is conceived to hold any objects such as the users phone.