Client Work (in progress), 2020

One chair that becomes two.

Originally a commission of eight chairs. But looking at the the actual site and how the space is lived, it was noticed that only four chairs are in constant use. When the dinner table is extended for more people, additional chairs are needed. Instead of storing those in the basement or the attic, why could they not be incorporated into the ones of the dining room?

Hence the chairs „multiply“ when guests are over (and clear space in the attic).

simple, yet elegant

The concept for this commission is a real life scenario for smaller spaces. It explores how limited and ever changing living spaces can be used efficiently. On the on hand it incorporates the low-tech practicalities that are needed in every day life, and demonstrates how an ever so simple solution can become a conversation piece. Whereas on the other hand it holds hidden the longing for roaring dinner parties and the life beyond the ‘rule of six’.

These chairs are the constant readiness for something long missed to come (back).