Sherpa for Horage, 2021

Counting on inner values.

“The Apa Sherpa Limited Edition”

Himalayan mountain ranges bezel decoration with K2 and Mount Everest at their centre.
The polished relief is inspired by Nepalese matras, which the Sherpa chisel into mountain sides for good luck.

Each timepiece from this Limited Edition is connected to a donation to the Apa Sherpa Foundation.

counting on inner values

Because it does not matter to know the time to the exact second.
All that really matters is what drives you.

Because it makes no difference to have the latest equipment, if you don‘t have it within you.

Because this timepiece actually matters and it does help to make a difference.
For a good cause. Giving something back.

            Limited edition

            One revolution per day

            42mm case diameter
            5.8mm case thickness
            25mm strap width

            Horage K2-341
            GMT hand complication

            3100,- CHF

            Limited edition

            Two revolutions per day

            36mm case diameter
            5.1mm case thickness
            18mm strap width

            Horage K2-111
            Hour hand comlication

            2900,- CHF

Buillt around the Horage full automatic, 22 jewel movement “K2”, this concept watch focuses on simplicity. The mountain theme is deeply ingrained into the thinking and the development behind the design.