Royal College of Art, 2019

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The short film „Emotion City“ is a collection of gathered material.
During five weeks I randomly generated the content such as filming, sound-recording, photographing and creative writing by deriving the city. There was no clear aim of a short film as a final piece at the time. Using emotions as a foundation for the project was triggered as I was witnessing the tragic death of a young woman on the tube.
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“Opera can make us see, feel and hear the world differently.”

— Kaspar Holten, Director at the Royal Opera House, London

To understand how it can be used to trigger strong feelings within the viewer, I made experiments with the recorded film material. From my past I remembered Lana del Rey’s short film “Tropico“ which I found very inspiring. I analysed it as it transports emotions effectively and saw the similarities to classical opera which used to be an art of emotions since its’ invention in the late 16th century. Taking this as the base I conceptualised the movie project like an opera and published a booklet with supplementary information in the traditional manner.

The juxtapositioning exhilaration in the first vs. altschmerz in the second act come together in the third, where the desire to see things being destroyed feeds the perception of the beauty of it. The originally scored music underlines the action whereas the clear separation in acts helps to understand it.
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printed publication

(6 pages)